Mobile Internet in Emerging Markets

The recent Economist contained an article on the expected rise in the mobile Internet usage in the so called BRICI countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Indonesia).

What is their current mobile Internet ecosystem?

Nokia holds the lion’s share of close to 50%, followed by Samsung, SonyEricsson and BlackBerry with 13%, 8% and 7%. The rest splinters off into a lot of small segments. Apple surprisingly reaches already a 2.8% share. Android OS is virtually non existent with a mere 0.3%. What is interesting is that while close to 60% of the devices were purchased in the last 2 years only 15% are Smartphones or Experience Phones. This is en par with Europe, but lower then North America.

Unsurprisingly, WiFi usage is only 15% (North America and Europe reach 30%), this makes sense according to the Economist article  which states that broadband access is either not readily available everywhere or expensive. It is however very interesting to see that the rate of WiFi usage for devices that support WiFi is over 60%, in Europe and North America this ratio is 30%.